Do you ever look into your closet the day of your session and get so frustrated because you feel like you have nothing to wear? Or do you feel overwhelmed because you have absolutely no idea what will look best? Do you feel like you need to match your outfits in order to look good for your pictures?


do wear your clothes that fit well

I know it sounds too simple to be true, but if you feel comfortable, you look more comfortable in your photos! Don’t try to overdo it. The whole point of your session is to feel confident in yourself. So be sure to wear clothes that feel comfortable to you.

do consider your location

When you’re looking in your closet, think about where you’re taking your photos. For example, if we’re taking photos in a battlefield or park, stay away from wearing greens that will blend in with the background.

do dress in clothes that you love

Similar to being comfortable, when you’re dressed in clothes that you absolutely love, your confidence shines. Your personality will always shine more than the clothes themselves, but if you feel confident in what you are wearing, it helps that much more to focus on you!

do wear complimentary colors

Make sure that your outfits use a limited color palette. Neutral colors help compliment all complexions, as well as matching and going well with other people’s outfits in the photos (if applicable)! Color palettes are available below!


Choose clothing with medium or large patterns. Mixing the patterns with solid neutral colors also balances out the outfits! Also, adding layers to your outfits looks great in portraits! A sweater with a flannel underneath paired with a vest + statement necklace or scarf adds so much dimension to your images! Even in the warmer months, you can add these layers + dimension by wearing a tank top with a cute sheer cardigan or by throwing a denim vest over a dress!

do dress for the weather

I always recommend to my clients to consistently look at the forecast for their session. Weather is constantly changing, and in order to get great photos, you need to dress appropriately for what it’s like outside! This also helps avoid things like sweat stains and goosebumps!

do wear clothes to reflect your style

When you book a session, you are making an investment. Keep your clothes classic so you will be happy with your photos for years to come, no matter the current fads! However, don’t be afraid to show your personality and your style in your photos, too! This session is for you! So be sure to showcase you and your personality well!

do not wear too much white

White clothing can tend to lose detail when paired with a light background, which can end up becoming discolored during the editing process. I always recommend to wear light grey instead, in order to avoid losing the details.

do not wear distracting items

Avoid wearing large accessories, and to my long-haired clients: DO NOT WEAR HAIR BANDS ON YOUR WRIST! Although they aren’t always so noticeable, they take the attention away from the emotions in the photo! This also includes clothing with large brand names, logos, graphics, or words. Don’t become a walking advertisement. Those are obvious and can definite take away from you!

do not wear hard-to-conceal clothing

Try to avoid wearing undergarments that are visible through tighter clothing. For example, avoid wearing bra straps with a spaghetti-strap dress, or visible underwear when wearing a tighter dress.

do not wear busy patterns + bright colors

The focus of the session is you. That’s it! It’s not your clothes. Small patterns and overly bright colors are extremely distracting and bring the eye towards the clothes, and not towards you.

do not match

Instead, make sure to coordinate! The old matchy-matchy style isn’t considered ideal for photos anymore. It lacks originality and doesn’t show each individual’s personality in the photo. Instead, coordinate with other members and use the same color palette, while throwing in little splashes of patterns to keep it interesting.

do not try new hair/makeup the day of

I know that it can be tempting to try the new cat-eye you’ve always wanted to master, or maybe even get a daring haircut before your pictures. But believe it or not, a lot of my past clients have majorly regretted changing drastic things to how they look. And some aren’t completely comfortable with the change yet, and that feeling of uncertainty definitely shows in pictures!

Do not overthink it

Seems pretty simple, but just wear what you love and what you feel beautiful in! That beauty will radiate inside and out in your photos!

Above: Lanelle wore all one color + kept it fun while similar to her style with the added ruffles! Below: The guests at her baby shower added pops of fun color and different sleeve lengths to keep it feeling less matchy-matchy!

Above: Lanelle wore all one color + kept it fun while similar to her style with the added ruffles! Below: The guests at her baby shower added pops of fun color and different sleeve lengths to keep it feeling less matchy-matchy!

Here are some color palettes to help you decide what to wear for your sessions!