Do you ever feel like you aren't good enough when you look in the mirror, and always second guess things in your physical appearance?

Story of my life.  Real talk.  

I honestly have never truly loved myself.  It is sad, and I know it.  But I've never looked in the mirror and been like, "Wow, I'm hot.  Check me out."  It's always been more of like, "If I just lost a couple more pounds, or if my stomach was just a little flatter, or if my arms were just a little smaller, then I'd be perfect."

But reality is, I'm not perfect, and I know I never will be.  So why am I struggling, aiming for perfection when I won't reach it?

So, everyone...

I am temporarily taking a break from my weight loss journey, and I am going to make a conscious effort to love the body I am currently in.

I want to be able to love myself, no matter what size.  Physical activity was just a thing for me to get skinny.  I need to get to a place where I'm not doing it every day to achieve perfection.  So, I'm going to focus my energy on loving myself, and focus on how I make others feel.

And in light of such news, here are some photos from a recent styled shoot I did! Enjoy!  And always remember: You are beautiful no matter what your pants tell you.


I am so in love with being a mom.

When I got pregnant, a lot of my high school friends and acquaintances were surprised.  To be honest, they were snot a fan.  But I was.  Because not a lot of you know, but I was told it would be a rarity if I were to ever have a child.  So I was ecstatic to become a mom! 

Ava is my life.  As I'm writing this, Doc McStuffins is blaring in the background.  And that makes me so happy.  She is so intelligent, beautiful, and perfect in her imperfections.  God blessed me with the greatest gift and everyday I wake up to, "Good morning, Mommy!" I remember how grateful I am.

A few months ago, I was asked to take photos of Ava with a cute bunny stuffed animal.  Why, you ask?  For a book!  Ava (and my photography) will be featured in a little kids' book.  It will be available with a little stuffed bunny included!  This is so exciting and I cannot wait to finish this series of adorable photos!